Saturday, March 14, 2009

Women in Blue

I had a fantastic Saturday morning watching a group of spirited, determined and charming girls put on a great show on the telly.

No, I'm not referring to the Miss World/Universe/Earth/Asia/whatuwill contest, or the sloppy Indian version of 'So you think You Can Dance', but the ICC Women's World Cup 2009.

Well, I must confess that I didn't know that women's cricket had a World Cup too. But then again, I'm not a cricket fan. That said, I didn't continue watching the game because the players were women, but because it was a good game!

In fact, it seemed like a slightly different replay of last thirty minutes of 'Chak De', with Indian kudis facing off Australian babes. India scored an impressive 234 for five and beat the hosts by 16 runs! Be it Anjum Chopra's cool 76, Mithali Raj's impeccable fielding, Jhulan Goswami's tightly controlled run rate or wickets taken by Gauhar and reema, these girls knew how to kick ***! I specially loved Mithali for her clever lunges and dives while fielding that kept the competition from scoring expensive runs.

And I wondered - This is a good game! This is a game that should be highlighted! This is a game that should get more sponsors!

Sponsors and TV channels are interested only in the number of eyeballs. In turn, the number of eyeballs is related to 1) the game 2) the players. Incidentally, both these factors are quite easily fulfilled here.

First, we are talking about cricket. It is an undisputed fact that cricket is religion in the Indian subcontinent and hence rests the case. As for the second factor, think again. We are talking about a group of young, sprightly and smart girls who know their game. Thrill, excitement, suspense, angst, delight - they give you all in a scope of 50 overs. As far as 'presentability' is concerned, these lasses looked really cool in their blue overalls! Must say their Aussie counterparts were not less spectacular either!

The bottomline is, here's a group of women who are doing something unconventional. They are garnering applause and spreading cheer through a medium that's been traditionally male-centric. And they are doing it without flaunting any of the 'typical' assets that are unfortunately considered mandatory in showbiz/advertisements.

So, I give them kudos for playing such an engaging game, and for making me slightly interested in it! I am hopeful that I will be seeing more of them as the time passes and wish that they attain a similar status of stardom that is bestowed upon their male counterparts in this country.

As for men who like sporty women, I would recommend checking out the teams. You would not be disappointed ;) Here's the link to the official ICC Women's World Cup site:

May the best women win!!!!!